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6 Signs Your Transmission May Need Repair

The sad fact about automatic transmissions is that they work great most of the time, but when they act up, 90% of the time it means there are internal issues you can’t fix in the driveway. If it’s serious, you’ll probably need your transmission replaced.
6 Signs Your Transmission May Need Repair
6 Signs Your Transmission May Need Repair

Transmissions are an incredibly complex part of your vehicle. If you Google “transmission interior parts,” you’ll see an overwhelming number of images of assorted gears, clutches, converters, strange-looking bearings, and shift levers, all of which must work in harmony to get you down the road. The sad fact about automatic transmissions is that they work great most of the time, but when they act up, 90% of the time it means there are internal issues you can’t fix in the driveway. You need an experienced transmission repair shop to diagnose the issue, and if it’s serious, you’ll probably need your transmission replaced.

When you do need a professional transmission repair, don’t hesitate to visit us at Mission Auto Repair in Winchester, VA. We’ll get your vehicle back on the road as soon as we can, and we’ll make sure it’s in perfect working condition when we do.

Does Your Transmission Need Repair? 6 Signs to Recognize

Pay close attention to your vehicle while you’re driving it, and learn to recognize if you have a faulty transmission. As with any part of your car, early detection of transmission issues can save you hundreds of dollars, as well as prevent further, more serious damage to your vehicle.

Your Transmission is Leaking Fluid

Leaking transmission fluid is one of the easiest transmission problems to identify. Transmission fluid smells sweet and is red in color, and you’ll usually find a pool of it underneath your parked vehicle when you’re dealing with a transmission fluid leak.

The “Check Engine” Light is On

A lit-up check engine light on your dashboard can indicate a variety of car issues – both minor and serious. Sometimes that includes transmission issues. We’ll take a look in case the source of the problem is imperative.

You Smell a Burning Aroma

Usually, the smell of burning indicates that your vehicle is overheating in some way. This always warrants a visit to the shop, as parts overheating may lead to damage in your vehicle. However, a burning smell may also indicate that your transmission has grown old, and it’s starting to burn. Get a transmission fluid change as soon as possible.

Your Gears Are Slipping

Not only is it scary and alarming if your gears impulsively slip in and out of place while you are driving, but this scenario is also dangerous – it is never recommended to drive with a slipping transmission. You will know your transmission has slipped when you hear the engine revving during a gear change. It is often compared to the feeling as if you are driving over ice, with no apparent traction on the road.

Some other symptoms of slipping gears include a delay in acceleration, strange noises, and a general harsh response when you attempt to shift gears. Sometimes your car might slow down despite pressing harder on the gas pedal. More bad news here. Again, the internal transmission clutches could be at fault, but another part, commonly called a “band,” can cause the transmission to slip and drastically reduce transmission efficiency. Other problems could point toward the torque converter (the literal heart of your transmission).

Transmission Makes a Noise in Neutral

Remember we mentioned noises when we talked about slipping gears or a dragging clutch? Humming, whining, or clunking noises—none of which are good sounds to hear in your car. While there are many reasons why your vehicle may be emitting strange noises, they should be addressed by a professional mechanic. Weird noises coming from your vehicle when in neutral are a sign that something may be wrong with your transmission. If you are lucky, the noises may indicate that your car is ready for new transmission fluid, which should be flushed and replaced by a professional.

In addition to noises you might feel your vehicle buck and kick when driving – in most cases, this is a very serious problem requiring a major repair, rebuild, or replacement. If the vehicle’s internal computer is showing diagnostic code, then a scanner will isolate the problem. It could be an adjustment, but more commonly it is a problem with the transmission’s internal clutches. Either way, a trip to the transmission shop is in order.

Your Vehicle Is Unresponsive or Refuses To Switch Gears

If your vehicle refuses to switch from park to drive, then you most likely have a problem with your transmission. You might also have a problem changing between other gears, but the issue with switching from park to drive is the most common. In extreme cases, the fluid is so low that the vehicle will not move at all. Issues that could be blamed in this case are the torque converter, the valve body, or dirt within the many narrow fluid passages within the transmission.

Local Transmission Repair in Winchester, VA

Call Mission Auto Repair or swing by our shop in Winchester, so we can get your transmission fixed and get you back on the road. We promise that you’ll be happy with the service that we provide, just like our other satisfied customers.

“I thought I had a transmission problem and they checked it for me. Transmission is fine they told me. They topped off my fluids that were low. The owners are so nice and honest I was so pleased with them I am never going to another mechanic. They are 10 stars in my mind.” – Audrey