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Transmission Repair Services

A transmission repair is the last thing car owner wants to hear from their mechanic. These systems are integral to the function of your vehicle, and repairs are often extensive. Your entire engine could shut down because of a transmission failure. Any signs that it’s going bad means you should take it to a trusted auto shop for repairs as soon as possible.

Mission Auto Repair is ready to help you with any auto repair service you need. Our team of expert mechanics has the skills and tools to perform repairs, replacements, and fluid services for both automatic and manual transmission vehicles. Call our office today to set up an appointment!

Automatic transmission repair in Winchester, VA

What Do Transmissions Do?

This system is an incredibly vital part of every vehicle. It is designed to shift gears, allowing your car to speed up and slow down. There are a couple of different system types, namely manual and automatic.

The names of both are relatively self-explanatory. Manual systems require human input to speed up and slow down properly. This system has more moving parts, including the clutch and flywheel. Automatic systems are different because gear shifting occurs automatically. Instead of having to step on the clutch yourself, your engine uses a torque converter to switch gears automatically as you speed up.

Signs Your Transmission Needs Repair

One of the most important things to do as a vehicle owner is to look for signs that your transmission system is breaking down. Luckily, there are many you can look out for, each specific to this system. We’ve compiled some of the most common signs that your transmission needs repair:

The vehicle won’t shift gears

A regular transmission fluid flush can ensure that your vehicle uses the best fluid possible. Our skilled technicians will replace the old fluid to help reduce wear and tear and prolong the life of your transmission while keeping you safe on the road.

The gears slip

When your gears slip, the engine will rev before you lose power in your car for a second. Then you hear a loud clunk, and the vehicle returns to normal. This usually occurs in automatic systems. This happens because the car will begin to go through the gear cycle, then slip out and go into neutral for a second.


Transmission removal and repair
Winchester, VA Transmission Repair

Shifting causes noises

As a rule of thumb, hearing loud clunking or grinding when shifting into drive or reverse indicates that internal parts of your transmission are worn or damaged. The internal clutch mechanism could cause this noise, but getting there are quite a few other issues that could cause this problem. Getting it taken into a mechanic for diagnostics is key to ensuring your car is healthy.

Hearing noises while in neutral

Hearing noises while in neutral could be a sign of other issues with your car, but hearing a whining sound is a common sign of transmission issues specifically. Some also describe a humming, but hearing noises while in neutral is never a good sign.

Transmission Services

While repairs to this system can be extensive, there are some things you can do that could solve the issues you’re having.  For example, when your vehicle isn’t shifting gears properly, it is likely due to running out of transmission fluid or having the incorrect fluid in the system.  The most common things you can do to fix it are fluid changes, transmission flushes, and replacements.

Figuring out what your vehicle specifically needs isn’t easy, though. Mission Auto Repair can help you figure out what issues your system is having, then find a solution that will fix it.  Call our office today.

Your Trusted Auto Repair Shop in Winchester, VA

Ensure your transmission is fully functioning to ensure the safety of you, your passengers, and the other cars on the road. With a bad transmission, you never know if your vehicle will stop working in the middle of driving. Routine inspections and repairs are needed; that’s impossible without the right tools or training.

That’s why Mission Auto Repair is here to help! We are ready to help you maintain the health and safety of your vehicle. Our ASE-certified master technician has over 25 years of experience, so we can perform the repairs your vehicle needs. Your car is important to your life, so go with an auto repair service you can trust. Call our office and set up your appointment today!