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Steering and Suspension Repair

The steering and suspension systems of your car are incredibly important to maintain. Not only do they affect how your vehicle handles while turning, but they also directly affect your ability to stop safely. Noticing signs that indicate these systems are beginning to break means you should take your vehicle into an autobody shop as quickly as possible.

Mission Auto Repair is here to help you repair or replace your steering and suspension systems! Our expert mechanics can tackle any size of project, from steering rack replacement to suspension repair. Call us today to get your appointment set up!

Steering and Suspension Services

Signs Your Steering System Needs Repair

There are parts of any vehicle that will wear down quickly and without warning. The steering system is not one of them and will give you ample time to find out something is going wrong. Ignoring the warning signs will put you and the drivers around you in danger of an accident. Some of the most common signs include:

Issues with the steering wheel

Difficulty when turning is most likely the first thing you will notice if you are having issues. This could mean your vehicle is low on steering fluid. When your wheel is too loose, it tends to mean your steering rack is worn and needs replacing. It can also vibrate when there is an issue with your alignment; however, being sure about the cause is crucial. Take your vehicle to an auto body shop to ensure you are getting the repair done right.

Hearing screeching or grinding while turning your car

Any unwanted noise that comes out of your vehicle consistently when you drive is a direct sign that you should get your car checked out by a professional. Its more than worth it to take it to Mission Auto Repair to get trained and trusted hands working on your vehicle.

Suspension and Steering Repair Shop

Signs Of Suspension Problems

Just as there are a wide variety of ways you could tell that your steering system needs repairs, there are also key things that can help you diagnose an issue with your suspension. Here are some of the most common ways to know it is time to get your suspension system checked out.

Suspension Repair Shop

Vehicle pulling to one side

Your vehicle pulling to one side could be a sign of many different issues with your suspension system. From uneven tire pressure to poor alignment, knowing which specific part of your suspension system is dysfunctional takes a trained eye. If you have accidentally hit speed bumps or potholes too hard recently, this could be a symptom you are facing.

Braking or speeding up causes the vehicle to nosedive or squat

This is something that is very difficult to miss. The handling of your car is clearly out of whack, and that is being caused by a damaged suspension system.

A corner of your vehicle sits lower than the rest

If part of your suspension system is damaged, it does not mean everything is broken. It is possible to get only one of your springs damaged and your car could sit awkwardly low on one corner as a result. You could also hear a clunking noise as you drive. This issue should be fixed as quickly as possible to avoid damage to the other springs.

Is Driving With Bad Steering And Suspension Safe?

The short answer is no. The steering and suspension systems are integral to properly controlling your vehicle on the road when turning, breaking, merging, and switching lanes. Depending on the type and severity of your car’s issues, a damaged suspension system could face increased risk of rolling over. Do not risk the accident. Talk with a professional today.

Getting Your Steering And Suspension Fixed

As soon as you learn of these issues, it is crucial that you make an appointment with a mechanic. Without properly fixing these systems, you are putting yourself and many others at risk. The longer you go without repairing your car could also cause thousands of extra dollars in repairs.

Suspension Repair Shop

Request A Suspension Service Appointment Today

Do not wait to get your vehicle fixed! Mission Auto Repair is here to give your car the premium care it deserves. Our technicians in Winchester, VA are here to help you with any difficulties or maintenance needs – whether related to your steering and suspension or not. Call our office today get the best service in Winchester!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are steering and suspension services?

The steering and suspension systems are essential parts of your car that control the direction your car moves and how well it can handle bumps in the road. Servicing these parts of your vehicle will ensure safe and comfortable driving on the road. The system will be checked during our inspections, and any severely damaged shock absorbers will be replaced. Wheel alignment can also be a part of this service.

How much do steering and suspension services cost?

The cost depends on what parts of your steering and suspension systems need work done. A full suspension replacement could cost you between $1,000 and $5,000, but replacing individual parts generally costs substantially less.