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timing belt replacement service in winchester

Timing is integral when it comes to machines. Without a consistent tempo to follow, vehicles fall apart, and features do not work. For your engine, the thing that keeps everything running smoothly is the timing belt or timing chain depending on the vehicle. This piece ensures fuel gets where it needs to go when called for.

When this part goes bad, getting a skilled automotive technician to help is vital for a car that lasts a long time. Mission Auto Repair is Winchester’s premier auto repair shop. Our master technician has over 25 years of experience in vehicle repair. Trust our auto shop to replace parts to help your car last as long as possible! Contact us today to schedule an appointment for our services!

Winchester VA Timing Belt Repair

What Is A Timing Belt?

One of your engine’s most important functions is opening and closing valves. This simple action, performed by the camshafts, allows air and fuel to enter combustion chambers. Most modern engines will have at least two, but some may only have one.

The role of your timing belt ties directly in with the camshafts. It works in tandem with the crankshaft, which is responsible for creating the rotational force that turns your wheels and the camshafts. It also ensures that the valves controlled by the camshaft open and close at the right time. This gives your engine a smooth operation when functioning correctly.

While most timing belts use teeth to control the engines, some engines use chains or gears instead. This gives this part more durability. No matter the style, this part must remain in good health.

Symptoms Of A Damaged Or Broken Timing Belt

There are many signs that this part is beginning to wear down. Keeping a close eye on it and replacing the part when it shows signs of damage will help your car last as long as possible. We’ve compiled some of the most common symptoms that your part needs to be replaced:

Winchester, VA Timing Belt Mechanic

Ticking Noise Coming From The Engine

Hearing ticking from your engine is a sign that your timing belt has severe damage. This part is connected to the rest of your vehicle through a series of pulleys to the camshaft and crankshaft. When loose, this belt rattles around. This affects other parts of your engine and creates a ticking noise.

Experiencing Exhaust Issues

Seeing your car emit more exhaust than usual could have a direct relation to your timing belt’s health. When this part reaches its expiry date, it causes the engine to work harder than it should. This excess work will negatively affect your car’s health, so watching for increased exhaust emissions is essential.

Your Engine Isn’t Starting

When your timing belt breaks, your engine won’t be able to turn over or ignite properly. Turning the key to start your car will cause the motor engine to engage, but because of the broken belt, the camshaft won’t be able to get the fuel needed into the combustion chambers. Once this happens, your car won’t be able to drive. Paying close attention to the other telltale signs of damage is key to ensuring your vehicle doesn’t get to this point.

Engine Timing Service

The Best Timing Belt Mechanic In Winchester, VA

Don’t cause more damage to your engine by driving on a bad timing belt. Because of its importance in ensuring your car runs properly, an out-of-date belt will cause your vehicle’s fuel efficiency to go down. It’s better to pay the timing belt replacement cost rather than to pay for a more expensive solution down the road! No one expects you to change this part on your own. Mission Auto Repair has a team of incredible technicians ready to help your car get back into peak condition and on the road. Let us perform your vehicle’s maintenance for you. Call our office today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a timing belt service cost?

Replacing a timing belt typically costs between $500 and $1100, but this can fluctuate depending on the vehicle’s make and model. The repair can also increase in cost if you’ve been driving on a broken belt. When the belts are loose, they can spin around and cause more damage to the pistons and valves. It can even bump into your water pump. This damage means extra repairs.

How often do you need to service your timing belt?

This part needs to be replaced every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Your car’s make and model will directly impact how many miles your cambelt can take. However, lower mileage cars may need to get it replaced every four or five years rather than paying attention to total miles.