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5 Tire Care Tips That Will Help Them Last Longer

Maintaining tire health involves regular checks and adjustments, including managing air pressure, ensuring proper alignment, rotating and balancing tires, and general care like monitoring tread depth. With professional services available at Mission Auto Repair, these measures help extend tire life and maintain vehicle performance.
5 Tire Care Tips That Will Help Them Last Longer
5 Tire Care Tips That Will Help Them Last Longer

Tires are an integral part of your car. They act as the foundation for the weight of the cab and the things that carry you forward. As such, ensuring that your tires are in good health is key to the function and efficiency of the rest of your vehicle. We’ve compiled a list of the tire maintenance tasks for the residents of Winchester, VA to help make your tires last as long as possible.

Air Pressure

Low air pressure in your wheels affects many different factors in your car. As tires deflate, the weight of the car causes the tread to spread out, allowing more of the rubber to meet more of the asphalt. This means more of the tread is damaged while you’re accelerating, and the additional friction means that speeding up will cost more energy.

High air pressure can also cause additional wear and tear on your tires. Too much air in the tires can cause the rubber to stretch too much, and depending on how much air you have, it could cause blowouts. Each car has a guide on the exact amount of air pressure your tires need to function best. It’s important for you to stick closely to this number, so check your air pressure regularly.

Tire Alignment

It’s essential that the front wheels remain parallel to each other. As we’re driving, though, it’s natural for this alignment to falter, causing the front of your tires to face inward (toe-in) or face outward (toe-out). Driving when your tires are misaligned causes additional wear and tear. It is recommended to bring your tires in for alignment services at least twice a year; that way, trained professionals can ensure that neither of the tires is turning in or out.

Rotating Your Tires

As you drive, your front and back tires will experience different wear and tear. For example, your front tires will begin to wear the edges more, and acceleration will impact the back’s tread. By rotating the positions of your tires around every 8,000 miles, the wear on your tires will be more evenly spread out between the tread and the corners, ensuring they last as long as possible.

Tire Balancing

While tires are incredibly carefully crafted to be as close in weight as possible, slight weight differences will still exist. However, the weight difference can cause the tires to wear unevenly. Tire technicians and some mechanics can use specialized equipment to sense the weight distribution. They will then use lead weights to even out the tiny weight differences, giving your vehicle an even distribution.

General Care Outside The Shop

Most tire care and maintenance requires the eye of a trained professional, but there are certain things you can be doing at home or while driving that can help your tires last. For example, driving at high speeds or accelerating extraordinarily fast can cause additional wear on your tires from the friction. You should also check your tires for damage consistently.

Checking tread depth can also be done at home with a penny. By sticking the penny into the tread with the head facing the wheel’s axle, you can see if you need to change that tire out. Your treads are healthy if you can only see part of Lincoln’s head. However, if you can clearly see the top of his head, then it’s time to get new tires.

Your One-Stop-Shop For Vehicle Maintenance

Many important tire care tasks require the tools and training of an experienced mechanic. Mission Auto Repair in Winchester, VA has the expertise to take care of your tire maintenance. Our master technicians can perform all kinds of vehicle maintenance, from tire alignment to suspension services. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to make sure your tires are in good health!