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Why Is My Car’s AC Noisy?

If you notice noises like knocking, buzzing, hissing, or rattling coming from your AC, it's a signal that your system needs to be serviced. At Mission Auto Repair, our ASE-certified master technician and team offer expert car AC services, from precise diagnostics to extensive repairs and factory-recommended maintenance.
Why Is My Car’s AC Noisy?
Why Is My Car’s AC Noisy?

As we emerge from winter and enter the hotter months of spring and summer, you are probably thinking about the health of your car’s AC. One surprising aspect of car air conditioning systems is that while they’re renowned for keeping the cabin cool during hot summer months, they also play a crucial role in removing moisture from the cabin air. This dehumidifying effect, often overlooked, enhances comfort significantly during humid summer days by reducing the stickiness and dampness that can accumulate inside the car. So, while you’re enjoying the cool breeze from your AC on a hot day, it’s also quietly making the air inside your car more comfortable by reducing humidity levels.

Then, suddenly, you hear a noise coming from your engine. After clicking your AC on and off for a second, you notice it only happens while the systems are on. Hearing these noises is a telltale sign that your vehicle’s AC system needs to be serviced.

If you hear noises coming from your vehicle’s AC, it’s natural to become stressed out. But there’s no need to worry so long as you nip the problem in the bud before it spreads to other parts of the system. Luckily, there are ways to get an idea of what part of your AC system is going wrong before you take it into a shop. The noise itself can give you clues into what issue you may be facing.

Car AC Making Knocking Or Clicking Sounds

If you’re hearing clicking or knocking while your AC is running, the noise could be caused by some bolts mounting your air conditioning becoming loose. You may be able to find the area of the loose bolts by opening your hood and checking from a distance while the vehicle is running. Any parts vibrating more than others are likely not mounted securely.

Buzzing Car AC

Hearing buzzing from your engine could signal that your compressor is going out. This is usually caused by the system being overloaded with refrigerant. When the system has too much refrigerant, the coolant will seep into the compressor’s intake and cause it to vibrate.

Car AC Hissing

A hissing or whistling noise coming out of your AC after it turns off is normal and nothing to worry about. When the system turns off, the pressure inside it can sometimes be unbalanced, so it needs to equalize. The hissing sound occurs when the refrigerant moves from the system’s high-pressure side to the area with lower pressure.

Car Air Conditioning Rattling

Rattling occurring while the AC is on could be a sign of several different potential issues. It could show that a serpentine belt or compressor pulley is going out, the compressor is going bad, and on rare occasions, the compressor clutch could also cause this noise. The best way to troubleshoot a rattling coming from your air conditioning is by bringing your vehicle to an expert mechanic so they can diagnose the issue.

Don’t let the constant buzzing or rattling continue to ruin your drive. The best way to troubleshoot car air conditioning quickly and easily is with the expert technicians here at Mission Auto Repair! Our team is led by an ASE-certified master technician, so we can do any repair or replacement your car needs. This expert car AC service includes precise diagnostics, extensive repairs, and factory-recommended maintenance. Call our office to make your appointment today!